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Glamour Magazine

Is sustainable fashion the preserve of the rich?

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Daily Mail

The fashion world’s verdict on Meghan Markle’s collection

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Mail Online

Stylist who only works with ‘real women on a budget’ reveals the wardrobe mistakes everyone makes (and where to shop on the high street for YOUR body shape)

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Daily mail

From Ellie Goulding’s ‘timeless’ wedding dress to Meghan Markle’s slinky halter gown, stylists reveal why Stella McCartney has become the go-to designer for ‘less is more’ brides

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Daily Star

Hero stylist shuts down teen who makes vile comment in Primark

8th August 2019

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Daily Mirror

Woman interrupts teens’ conversation in Primark after hearing girl’s vile remark

7th August 2019

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The Sun

Fashion stylist interrupts teen in Primark after hearing cruel comments about how ‘terrible’ her own friend looked in sunglasses

7th August 2019

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Fit with Frank

Embracing your body shape with Susie Hasler

4th February 2019

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SO Lifestyle Awards

Style Champion: Susie Hasler (Styled By Susie)

8th February 2018

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