Having your style analysis while your confidence is low, can actually be more beneficial. It will give you tips on how to dress your shape and it will give you something positive to focus on, that doesn’t involve a weight or dress size goal.

In our experience, it is very unusual to change body shape (unless major surgery has occurred, or drastic changes).

Even if you lost weight, your body shape would stay the same, so why wait?

No. The idea of a Style Analysis, is that it gives you the tools for many years to come. The Analysis is a detailed document, providing information on cuts of clothing that work for your body shape, not links that disappear after a few weeks/months.

If you have had a Style Session with us, you can book an online shop. An online shop does not put outfits together, but we send you a selection of links.

These links are based on items we have seen in shops that we feel are good for your shape and colouring. We offer you a selection of items so you have plenty of choice. You can then scroll through them and order the pieces that you love.

The Basic Bitches (TM) Guide is a text based document that details a “shopping list” for all of the basics you need for your wardrobe. Basics are the foundation of your wardrobe. The Capsule Wardrobe is a visual guide that shows the more exciting pieces you can fit around your basics.

No. You might be able to wear some of the paler colours in your palette when you have a tan, but it won’t change your skintone, and we will still be able to see your colouring even if you have a tan.

We go on skintone, eye colour, eye tone and so much more. Two ladies could have brown eyes, but one could have cool tones (a Winter) and one have rich, amber tones (Autumn).

There is no such thing as failure when it comes to shopping. Start small. Use a highlighter pen and go through your analysis, selecting the pieces that jump out and excite you. Start with accessories – a scarf in a new colour, or a top in a different neckline. Susie, Sarah and Kim are constantly evolving their own personal styles, and it’s never something that is wholly ‘complete’.

It is currently 10-15 working days, and we have no immediate plans to extend this time.

We have many different packages to suit all price points. Visit the Book & Shop page to view all of our services.

Visit the Book and Shop section of our website, and select your package from the list. Once you have paid, you will automatically receive an email with a link to the questionnaire and instructions for photographs.

If your question hasn’t been answered, feel free to email us at admin@styledbysusie.co.uk

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